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PinTV was designed with sporting events in mind! Our product was born from the idea that every fan should be able to get the information they need at a glance—from scores and player stats, to time on the clock or current standings. PinTV brings fans all this and more, regardless of the sport!
Wrestling: Use our 360 degree sports video displays as wrestling scoreboards. Display clear visuals, including wrestler name, time remaining, real-time score, and more. After each match, it’s also easy to display rankings and records for individual players or teams, giving spectators an in-depth look at the sport.
Volleyball and tennis: Broadcast the score, possession, match time, record and more for volleyball and tennis matches—especially outdoors where a scoreboard isn’t always present.


PinTV is perfect for projecting down and distance, time, time-outs, player information, and much more. And, because it’s updated in real-time with full 360-degree visuals, players, coaches, spectators, and more will always be in the loop.

Other sports

PinTV can be configured as 360 degree digital scoreboards for any sport, displaying the information viewers want – from track meets and field sports to swimming, diving, hockey and a wide range of other intramural sports and events.
No matter the sport, our 360 degree sports video displays help project important information to everyone involved. Display information from the playbook or drill times during practice, then turn PinTV into a scoreboard when it’s game time. Because it connects to any digital device, players, coaches, spectators, and even referees will be closer to the action than ever before.
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