There’s absolutely no doubt about it — it’s time to upgrade your existing wrestling scoreboard. Well, if you even have a dedicated scoreboard designed for wrestling matches! The truth is, most wrestling competitions have to rely on wall-mounted gym scoreboards that were designed for basketball or volleyball, or you’re stuck dealing with those tedious, clunky flip card scoreboards.

While they can surely get the job done, how effective are they at the end of the day? With your conventional wall-mounted scoreboards, you don’t always have access to data you need to display to communicate what happens on the mat. And with flip card scoreboards, you’re usually limited to exclusively display the score while keeping time elsewhere.

Not only are these types of scorekeeping methods incongruent with the sport of wrestling, but they provide absolutely terrible visibility because they only display information directly ahead. If you’re on the opposite side of the gym from the scoreboard, you may be in luck and have a visual — however, there is also the issue with readability!

At PinTV, we’ve created an incredible wrestling scoreboard software that pairs with our innovative displays to offer an unmatched way to present information at wrestling matches.

Keep reading this blog to learn about our scoreboards and why it’s time for you to upgrade.


At PinTV, we make innovative, accessible 360-degree video displays for events and sports competitions. With a triangle display setup, we give you the opportunity to display your information in a way that’s easy to see and visible, regardless of where you are in the gym!

With an easy, straightforward setup, the PinTV is easy to use, and our sports packages come with customizable scoreboard software for you to take advantage of! Specifically, we offer an innovative wrestling scoreboard software that enables you to show all the information you need to share, from who’s wrestling to the time left, overall score, and so much more. Plus, you’re able to easily update it in real-time, to ensure the scoreboard is constantly reflecting what’s happening on the mat, be it a point scored, blood cleanup time, and more.

While we think it speaks for itself, we want to highlight some of the major benefits of having our 360-degree display. Essentially, with our PinTV scoreboards, you’re able to avoid each and every issue we ran through above. Because there are screen positioned in a triangle formation, you’re able to provide visuals to all of your spectators, the coaches, and even athletes on the mat!

What’s more, we specifically designed our scoreboard software with ease of use and high visibility in mind. As a result, our scoreboards offer clear, easy-to-read visuals that are still accessible, even from far away! This means that everyone can stay updated on the action without having to roam the gym for the perfect angle that allows a view of the mat and the scoreboard! To see our wrestling scoreboard in action, check out this video.

Finally, with the PinTV, in addition to keeping score, you can easily display other relevant information in between matches. From athlete or team rankings to announcements about concessions, upcoming events, and more, our displays are engineered to easily display any and all things you want your audience to see!


At PinTV, we’re proud to offer a product that mitigates all of the issues of conventional scoreboards while adding the versatility you need to tailor your scoreboard display exactly how you need it! In addition to wrestling, our sports displays can be used for a multitude of sports — from swimming to football, and everything in between. Plus, we offer 360-degree event displays, so you can trust that we have your display needs covered. To learn more or get yours, contact us today!

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